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Grooming Services


*Pricing dependent on size temperament and condition of coat.


Bath & Brush

Wash | Brush | Blow Dry
Premium Shampoo & Conditioners because your pet needs a skin and hair care routine too!

Full Groom

Wash | Fur-Cut | Brush | Blow-Dry | Nail Trim
Give your dog the whole works!

ADD-ONS or Purchased A-La-Carte

Nail Trim [Walk-Ins Available | 10am-3pm] $TBD @ appointment

With Clippers.
// Also added to any package or purchased a-la-carte.

Dremmel +$10

Avoids scrapes and breaks. Get your dog's nails trimmed with a filing finish.


A special de-shedding treatment that helps the removal of your dog's loose undercoat hair. By utilizing our de-shedding treatment you're helping your dog get rid of hair that will eventually end up on furniture and clothes. This will benefit your dog in many ways, making them more comfortable and keeping their coat and skin healthy.

// Added to any package or purchased a-la-carte.

Teeth Cleaning

Great oral hygiene promotes longer and healthier lives! We know the importance of clean teeth and gums so we offer teeth brushing services in various yummy flavours for your dogs. 

// Added to any package or purchased a-la-carte.

Ear Cleaning

Added to any package or purchased a-la-carte.